Double Lemon

Train your brain and challenge your friends in the refreshing game called Double Lemon!

Arcade mode

Do you like to play for high scores? Try the Arcade mode. Will you manage to get ranked first on our high score list, or will your friends steal a march on you?

Challenge mode

If you like to play together with others, choose the Challenge mode and invite up to 8 friends at a time. Which one of you will be the first to solve the 5 boards? The more often you play the game, the better your remembering skills will be – but so will your opponents'. Who will be the quickest player this time?

The rules of the game in brief

Before you start a level, a series of images is shown. Find the right pair of images as quickly as possible by selecting them.
In Arcade mode, you get 1 minute to solve the first level. For each completed level, you earn more time. When your time is up, the game is over. The number of correct combinations is then your score. At the start of the level, the images are shown for a few seconds. The higher your score, the shorter the time you get to memorize these images.
In Challenge mode, you must turn over the 5 boards in as little time as possible. You can challenge a maximum of 8 friends concurrently.

Go for Double Lemon!

Both in Arcade mode and in Challenge mode you can achieve Double Lemon! There are two ways to achieve this: 1) by finding 6 combinations in a row. 2) by twice finding 5 combinations in a row. If you manage to do this, all images on the board will be turned over and you progress to the next level. Moreover, if you play in Arcade mode, your time bar is restored to the maximum. If for example you had only 10 seconds left, you will have 1 full minute again in the following level.

Play with hints

When you are stuck or you want to move up a level quickly, tap 'Hint' in the bottom right corner. This will cost you 100 coins. In the Challenge mode, you earn coins by winning challenges, in Arcade mode, you earn them by getting past level 1. You can also buy coins.

VIP user

Fancy becoming a VIP user? No advertisements will be shown. Instead of just 5, you receive an unlimited number of hearts and you can create even bigger challenges by inviting up to 19 friends. Moreover, you will get 2500 coins.


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